Media Commentary and Press Coverage of Research

Radio and Podcast Interviews

"Measles: The Outbreak and the Ethics of Mandating Vaccinations," WHYY Radio Times, February 2015

"The Measles Vaccine Debate,"NPR Here and Now, February 2015

"The Past, Present, and Future of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices,"New England Journal of Medicine, November 2014

"Need a Religious Exemption? Check the Box for 'Yes,'"Interfaith Voices, February 2013


"Experimental Drugs and the Ethics of Fighting Ebola,"New York Times, December 2014

"Q&A: How to Tackle Ebola's Tough Ethical Questions,"Princeton University, October 2014

"Outbreaks, Ethics, and Economics,"Chronicle of Higher Education, December 2013

Selected Comments in News Coverage, 2013-Present

"Study Prompts Call to Examine Flu Vaccine and Miscarriage,"Associated Press, September 2017

"How a War on Science Could Hurt the U.S.--and its Citizens,"Time, February 2017

"Peter Thiel vs. the FDA,"Vox, February 2017

"Proposed Presidential Autism-Vaccine Panel Could Help Spread Disease,"Scientific American, January 2017

"A Robert F. Kennedy Jr.-Led Vaccine Commission Would Be Bad News,"Wired, January 2017

"D.A. Henderson, 'Disease Detective' Who Eradicated Smallpox, Dies at 87,"Washington Post, August 2016

"Very Few States Mandate Recommended HPV Vaccine,"Reuters, July 2015

"Early Push to Require the HPV Vaccine May Have Backfired,"NPR, July 2015

"Vaccine Opposition Has Ebbed and Flowed Over Centuries,"Associated Press, February 2015

"California Measles Outbreak Highlights Global Clash Between Anti-Vaccine Parents And Governments,"International Business Times, February 2015

"New York Lawmakers Push Additional Vaccine Exemptions,"Politico New York, February 2015

"California Politicians Urge Repeal of 'Opt Out' Provision of Vaccination Law,"San Jose Mercury News, February 2015

"Are Compulsory Vaccinations in the Interest of the Greater Good,"Toronto Star, February 2015

"Like Christie, NJ Policy is Flexible on Vaccines,"Politico New York, February 2015

"Ebola Vaccine Trials May Give Placebos to Those at Risk,"Bloomberg News, October 2014

"Why Crucial Vaccines Are Sometimes Unavailable,"New York Times, August 2014

"CDC: Princeton Meningitis Outbreak Unlikely to Spread,"USA Today, December 2013

"Princeton to Sponsor Two Rounds of Emergency Meningitis Vaccinations,"Daily Princetonian, November 2013

"Decades Later, Condemnation for a Skid Row Cancer Study,"New York Times, September 2013

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